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I bet you all would just love to see new Learn to Fly 2 Unblocked! It is here and it is just EPIC guys!

As in previous version your objective here is same, all you have to do is to send your penguin in flight as high as it is possible and as far as it is possible, in order to achieve this you are given different tools, power-ups and improvements, but those features cost money, a lot of money. How do you earn money in this game? By completing different missions, achievements and regular flight jumps which at the beginning don’t give you a lot of money, but as game progresses and you upgrade your penguin you start to increase your flight distance and you start to earn higher rewards.

Learn to Fly 2 UnblockedYou can use your arrow keys in order to maneuver in the air, to improve your flight path and you can also use space bar to trigger boost, now using boost at the right time may grand you additional length of flight and remember the further you fly the higher rewards you will get, keep that in mind if you want to see some epic take offs from your penguin.

There are also three different modes available, Story mode, classic mode and arcade mode. Usually people play story mode, they enjoy different missions, different objectives and things like that (there are 35 challenges can you believe that? So many opportunities,), if you want you can try other two modes as well.

Learn to Fly 2 Unblocked also gives you opportunity to save and load game, remember to bookmark our site – UnblockedLearnToFly2.Com,  save your game progress on our blog and visit us when you want to continue, we are live 24×7.

When you complete your flight game calculates: your distance, altitude, duration, max speed and destruction. According to those results you are give specific amount of the money, better you perform the more money you earn. Check your results all the time, make sure that you improve your mistakes in specific aspects of the game and you will be able to earn even more dollars and get cool upgrades.


Few words about upgrades in the game:

You can increase Ramp Length & Ramp Height, these two are major upgrades in the game.

You can use Sleigh upgrade feature which improves your acceleration and take-off speed.

You can use Glider option which allows you to purchase different devices and they help you to change flight behavior (increase speed, control, fall speed, etc.).

You can use Boost upgrade and it gives you opportunity to increase your speed after initial take-off.

And finally you can use Sand upgrade feature, this one can actually reduce your flight speed, but it can greatly improve your destroying power against iceberg.

There are also other features such as: challenges, medals and bonus shop; I highly recommend you to visit all those sections, many useful tools can be found there.

Unblocked version of Learn to Fly 2 is truly amazing game, lot more entertaining than previous versions and fun to play as well.